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Electrolysis - $50 and up

Ultrasonic Spatula Dermaplaning

Ultrasonic Spatula Dermaplaning


 Our hair is constantly changing from a number of factors that make us who we are, it’s in our DNA. It is this diversity that makes proper hair removal through electrolysis a process. As our body reacts to different situations such as hormones, medications, weight and even our genes, our hair growth pattern changes and may activate dormant hair follicles. The complex nature of hair growth controls the number of sessions required to reach your personal preference of hair removal. Generally, electrolysis is typically noticeable within 3 months and can take up to 12 months for complete and permanent results. We offer sessions from 15 minutes to an hour and recommend a weekly schedule so we make treat the follicle right when it emerges and at its optimal time for reaction. A Touch of Class’s goal is to see this process through to ensure complete satisfaction. Each individual has a different tolerance level, and that is taken into account. Modern electrolysis methods can be described as causing a tingling or warming sensation, but is considered to be comfortably tolerable. Topical desensitizing creams will be applied to help ease the sensation. After your treatment, it is common to experience redness or swelling, both of which are usually short lived. These are both natural reactions from the stimulus applied the follicle and can be eased with the use of an ice pack. In order to prevent any additional reaction, it is critical that you inform us of any medical conditions, medications, supplements, lotions and oils. 

Ultrasonic Spatula Dermaplaning

Ultrasonic Spatula Dermaplaning

Ultrasonic Spatula Dermaplaning


Ultrasonic Spatula Dermaplaning is a super effective exfoliating treatment in which a licensed esthetician  gently scraped off any dead skin cells on the surface of your face. Using our Ultrasonic Spatula we can remove  a build-up of dead skin and microscopic hairs can make your complexion appear dull, flaky, and can even cause breakouts due to clogged pores and hair follicles – Ultrasonic Spatula Dermaplaning is used to brighten the appearance of skin, lift and reduce the appearance of wrinkles as well as fine lines. Ultrasonic Spatula Dermaplaning will give a smoother, more youthful appearance.

$105 - 1 hour Ultrasonic Spatula Dermaplaning Facial

BUY 4, GET 1 FREE $420

($105 SAVINGS)

This particular facial works best with multiple appointments. You can see results after just one, but it takes more than one Ultrasonic Spatula Dermaplaning facial to achieve your most desired results.


Permanent Make Up

Massage Packages Available



Enhance the beauty you already have with permanent makeup.  Our technicians have over 15 years of experience applying permanent make up. What could be better than to wake up looking as good in the morning as  you did in the evening? Once you have made the decision to have Permanent Cosmetics applied, call us for a consultation and patch test with our qualified technicians.


It is important for you to follow all pre and post procedure instructions to achieve the best results possible. Please call to schedule a consultation as well as a patch test.

Eye liner (top)                    $145+

Eye liner (bottom)             $145+

Eye liner (top & Bottom)  $275+

Lip liner                              $250+ 

Full lip                                 $400+

Brows                                  $275+

Combo eyes & brows.$500+

Touch up                             $150+


Massage Packages Available





For a single treatment:

Tummy - $145.00

Arms - $135.00

Legs - $145.00

Behind - $145.00

Rejuvination Facial - $105.00


Purchase 4 of any of the above and receive an additional FREE Cavitation treatment.


Who is NOT a candidate?​​​​​ If you have cancer, diabetes, heart disease, vascular disease or coronary artery dysfunction, or if you suffer from uncontrolled blood pressure, arrhythmias or irregular heart rhythm, have a pacemaker, or have Grade II-III obesity then you are NOT a candidate.  Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are NOT candidates for this treatment. 


Ultrasound Cavitation therapy can be safely performed One time per week

Massage Packages Available

Massage Packages Available

Massage Packages Available


Stress can often cause chronic muscular tension, trigger points in your body which bring pain to you, as well as causing poor circulation to your body. Massage can be thought of as a 1 hour vacation from stress. Research has found and confirmed massage reduces anxiety, stress and increases feelings of health to your body and well-being. Massage is more than an appointment, it's life to a new you. 




Customize your own

4 Pack 60 min Swedish Massage 

$230 ($30 savings) 

4 Pack 60 min Deep Tissue Massage 

$270 ($30 savings) 

6 Pack 60 min Swedish Massage 

$325 ($65 savings)

6 Pack 60 min Deep Tissue Massage

$375 ($75 savings) 


Renew your Skin into a Beautiful you

Massage Packages Available


Ultrasound has come a long way! From diagnostic testing to body contouring procedures to help people naturally lose inches without any discomfort, downtime or risk of surgery. Ultrasound Cavitation is a process where the power of ultrasound breaks down the fat and the fat cell in a localized area of treatment and then allows the body to naturally move the fat, fat cells and toxins from the area through out  the body's natural detoxification process.  When combined with Tripolar radio frequency the newest RF on the market today, you also tighten and tone the skin reducing sagging, wrinkles and appearance of cellulite. 

Renew your Skin into a Beautiful you

Renew your Skin into a Beautiful you

Renew your Skin into a Beautiful you


 Our estheticians are committed to providing you with the finest service, and knowledge of products used on your skin. They want to make this a pleasurable experience you will never forget. Nothing pleases them more than a satisfied guest.  

Spa Benefits

Renew your Skin into a Beautiful you

Renew your Skin into a Beautiful you


Paraffin helps to circulate blood flow. It helps to soften tough skin and promote elasticity. Paraffin is a form of heat therapy and can aid in relief of arthritis and stiff joints. 

Regular facials are important as our skin is like the seasons, it changes with the temperature. A good skincare regimen keeps our skin looking radiant and glowing all year long. 

Massage can not only help us to relax, but can aid in stress relief, anxiety, digestion, headaches, insomnia and sports related injuries. 

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From the moment you enter A Touch of Class Full Service Day Spa & Hair Salon, the ambience of our elegant Spa and Salon relaxes your senses immediately...With a multitude of services, as well as Spa treatments to choose from, our Staff is  committed to making this a pleasurable experience you'll  never forget... Experience luxurious Massages or Facials from our highly trained and professional Therapists and Estheticians for a long

 lasting pick-me-up! 

Are your Hands or Feet in need of refreshing?   Any of our Nail technicians that have years of repeated clients with testimonials of their care in pedicures and manicures will be more than willing to help.   Nothing pleases them more than a satisfied customer....  Independent stylists of A Touch of Class  are well sought after for their expertise in hair styling, color and knowledge of trending styles. Spa Packages not only make great gifts, but a wonderful way  for yourself to spend the day.  We offer package treatments for an afternoon of pure relaxation and rejuvenation at a discounted cost.  


Relax and confidently place your trust in our caring hands....


We no longer accept tips on credit cards. Please make a note to bring cash or checks for your spa providers as it is no longer cost effective for our business to accept tips on credit card purchases. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

(Hair service providers not included in this announcement.)


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