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A New Face Every Month - January 15, 2018

  Did you know it takes about 4 weeks for your face to move through the full life cycle of skin cells exfoliating and rejuvenating? So effectively every 4 weeks you practically have a new face J However in those 30 days you probably choke your cells with creams, make up, chemicals, oils and dirt from your hands, environmental pollution and more.  All of these toxic layers build up and suffocate your pores and cells that are trying to rejuvenate. This all makes your body work harder to try and come back to a healthy status as we are adding more pressure to its natural role. This is why those ladies that invest in a facial minimum once a month always have a certain glow over those that don’t. They seem to look fresher, younger and healthier.   Why?

Well the reason why is the aesthetician they are visiting has all the skills and tools to support your skin heal from breakouts and sun damage from heat and humidity AND dry and flakiness from cold wintery air.  A visit approximately every 4 weeks will ensure your skin stays hydrated, toned and bright looking.  Regardless of whether you go once a month, or once a season – there are some things you can do at home to prolong the benefits of your facial, support your skin and make sure that you’re getting the best return on your skin investment.  Cleanse daily with a PH balance product that your aesthetician recommends as they will select one that suits your skin type and works in conjunction with the type of facial you have received.  Be gentle on your face and don’t be too vigorous – your aesthetician has already given you a deep clean, there is no need for you to rough your face up. They have given you an amazing glow so lets just support it rather than strip it away.

Understand that if you have had a chemical treatment on your face, then the skin can be more sensitive to sunlight so check with your practitioner as to what products to use and avoid as you transition through this period. For example some sunscreens can irritate your skin post chemical treatments.  Finally, sometimes we are lead to believe (with phrases such as “if its too good to be true, then it probably is”) that the pampering bliss you get from a fantastic facial isn’t something you should do all the time.

It’s a treat and we were always told to limit our treats, no? Well hold on to your hats ladies – this treat is one that you can indulge in every month and not only feel fabulous but invest in it knowing that your are taking the right steps into ensuring your gorgeous face remains glowing and thankful for you taking the time to look after it.  Remember to love the skin you’re in. Treat it well and you will look and feel amazing for years to come.   

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5 Ways to Keep a Positive Mindset - February 19, 2018


We all know that life can be so busy and so stressful! It’s easy to slip into complaining and negative thinking, but it is rarely helpful to do so. Here are some easy ways to keep going in a positive direction.

Start your day on a positive note, take 15 minutes (or more) and read something inspiring. This should come first before checking email, Facebook, or the news.

Give thanks, think of or write down 3-10 things you are grateful for. For a challenge try not to repeat any for a while. You can also use your gratitude journal for writing down your goals and dreams.

Writing down your dreams is a great way to keep them in the top of your mind which helps you to see new opportunities, and inspired to work toward your dreams.

Hang out with positive people. Everyone needs a little vent now and again, but some people are chronic complainers. This can zap your energy and leave you feeling grumpy yourself. You don’t have to ditch your friends and family, but limiting your time can be a healthy choice.

Finally, move your body. Some exercise each day will keep both your body and mind healthy and thriving.

 As a bonus, combine exercise with listening to a great book.

These small changes can add up to a happier you!


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The Importance of Self-Care - April 30th, 2018


Yes, we know that it’s just easier sometimes to give in, let your own needs slide and forget the little things that we enjoy when life gets busy. When we’re overwhelmed, taking time out to do something fun seems frivolous and like a luxury. Stop and think about it the next time you’re tempted to work through lunch instead of making your gym or hair appointment though; self-care actually makes you more productive and less stressed.

  • Self-care stops you from getting burned out. Pushing yourself to the point where you’re exhausted and can’t take one more demand isn’t good for anyone, and if you make a point of taking care of yourself before it gets that bad, you’ll avoid a lot of potential stress in the future.
  • Self-care is a great stress reducer. We all need a little bit of stress to get things done sometimes, but too much will create havoc on your mind and your body. Doing nice things that you enjoy, and looking out for your own wellbeing stops the effects of stress from taking over, making you more productive and much nicer to be around.
  • Self-care can help you to get your focus back. Whether it’s the luxury of a full spa day or just an hour’s walking or session at the gym, getting away from something that has you really stuck can help you to work out what it is that needs to be done. Take a break from that tricky issue and the answer may just come to you when you stop looking for it so frantically!